From Christian, Shanghai China

here's a funny thing called live.
discover what it will tell you.
go ahead, don't look back and never forget,
Roots! Evolution! & Home!


From Peter, Copenhagen Danemark

Imagine a beautiful spring day with the sun warming up your body while enjoying an ice cold drafted beer. Well this scenario could very well take place in Nyhavn (Copenhagen, Denmark). When the weather is fine, the Danes really relax and forget about all the practical worries of our lives! Once arrived at Nyhavn it is custom to walk up and down the quays once or twice. Breathing in the fantastic atmosphere and spotting some nice people to hang out with. We Danes really comes out of the bush when the weather is nice!
Relaxation is the key concept here. Having a bottle of beer within reach is not too bad an idea, either :o) Sitting here enjoying your beer and having a good time, is considered part of the Danish term "Hygge". It means relaxing, having fun, enjoying the weather and most of all just being comfortable and in a good mood.

A bit of historical information: Nyhavn is part of the original Copenhagen Harbor. It dates all the way back to the founding of "Haven", as Copenhagen was then called, in the 12th century.


From Chihiro, Sapporo Japan


I miss the world

Fairy rêve de voler sur un tapis où tous ces amis seraient réunis.
Elle enjambe la fenêtre et cours au creux de la « forêt zèbre », rejoindre Mousse sur l’océan, parcourir les 7 mers, à dos de sirène.
Quand Fairy se réveille, elle voit la mer et comprends que Mousse à libérer « les eaux de Mortelune »…
Artiste plasticienne, je trace des chemins de traverse ici là ailleurs.
I'm a short cuts maker, here and there and elsewhere, at the edges of the world with a cell phone. Singular moments when life tests space.

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